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Born from a Congolese father and a Kenyan mother in the busy city of Montreal, I sometimes didn’t know how to answer when I was asked where I’m from. Growing up juggling multiple identities, I always found an anchor in art. I held on to my crayons from kindergarten and haven’t let drawing go since. Throughout the years, I dabbled into a few mediums, namely sketching, acrylic and a bit of watercolour, before finding my comfort zone in digital art. I’ve decided to use my God-given gift to make art that aligns with my Christian values.

Picture of me drawing as a child

...where it's headed

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“Amani” is my middle name and it means “peace” in Swahili. “Artsy Amani” simply sounded better than “Artsy Lila”, thus the reason for the name. Through this company, I hope to continue illustrating, from personal commissions to bigger projects. I am especially looking to illustrate books and book covers, though I also work on single illustrations. Interested in my services? Feel free to contact me!